In 1967, Mr. Pascual Polo and Ms. Aurora Griñán started in Albacete (Spain) their canning firm POLGRI S.A., specialized in products derived from game, particularly birds, following the traditional recipes of our La Mancha cuisine. They finished in this way two decades devoted to a restaurant business in which they had achieved fair recognition for their excellent tapas and snacks, as well as their homemade dishes and artisan canning. However, commercializing those most demanded specialties, particularly our marinated partridge, exceeded our artisan production and turned the business into a canning industry. It was necessary full-time devotion which finally transformed this business into a small firm, but without losing our trademark: familiar cooking and traditional canning recipes.

     This way of cooking has its origin in the stoves of La Mancha villages from the times of Don Quixote, where we can find the best proof of its rich and varied recipe book. The success of this initiative was proved with the fast growth of our firm and its products all around Spain with increasing exports, which led to the firm expansion. Meanwhile, other culinary challenges were assumed in order to satisfy our customers’ wishes based on new gastronomic trends and health recommendations about hypo-caloric diets and healthy ways of life. With this conversion, POLGRI has been able to adapt to the current needs without giving up on the traditional cuisine from La Mancha. This fact has allowed us to open our production to specific demands from different socio-cultural settings.

     Likewise, we also try to meet the demand of tapas or international fusion cuisine lovers. Young people aim at these dishes motivated by their promptness and ecological guarantee according to their dietetic habits. Some religious gastronomic precepts have also been included in our current catalogue, like halal food, which requires the preparation of our raw materials according to their religious rites. Our firm premises are adjusted to specific regulations for industrial production, after having been audited appropriately. This fact enables us to do commercial trades in the international market.

     Thanks to the strength of our firm and the appropriate modernisation of our premises and services, we have been able to face the recent economical crisis, which so hard damaged the industrial sector. Now, the company formed by the Polo Griñán siblings, compromised with the familiar roots that define their logo, assumes a wide reorganization, visible from the canning workroom and offices up to every can design. For all these reasons, we have bet on a new business managing in order to improve our resources and efficiency. We are also ready to offer an answer to the market demands, as it has always characterised our products and the public image of solvency, which POLGRI has guaranteed for half a century.